About Coaches Congress

Forging Elite Business,” Coaches Congress is an event for box and gym owners, fitness trainers and coaches, to exchange ideas, gain business skills and be inspired by mentors via seminars and workshops.

It all started as a gathering of 80 Scandinavian affiliate owners & coaches in Stockholm in 2014. Over 10 years later it has grown to what we believe to be the largest, independent, educational event for gym owners & coaches in Europe within the Functional Fitness and CrossFit segment. In December 2022 we took a step outside of the Nordics to successfully organise the first CC Berlin event.

The main difference between CC and most of the other events and competitions in this industry, is that we attract and cater for highly motivated gym owners and coaches that want to learn more about how to run a professional AND profitable gym or fitness business.

Our principles are:

  • Create a fitness and education event that is entertaining and informative, but feels intimate and local.
  • Deliver educational content from global thought leaders, but give participants the opportunity to discuss and solve more local concerns.