CC Ambassadors

A special part of the Team that makes it happen

Supporting the Coaches Congress team is an incredible network of ambassadors from around Europe that have a like-minded goal to create networks between people in the industry, and to help box and gym owners to better their business.

Colm O'Reilly - Ireland

Colm has been an affiliate owner since 2007 and also works as a mentor for Two-Brain Business since 2019. 


He’s a keen passion for mental health and self-care, and has written the book “How To Mind Your Mind”. What all three things have in common is that connection is vital for your success and happiness. 


Coaches Congress provides the perfect place to connect, build relationships and discover ideas that take your business (and life) to better and better places.

Colm O'Reilly
Andreas Askeland - Norway

Owner of CrossFit Verftet in Haugesund, Norway.

Fun facts:
– Enjoys everything that is competitive
– Reads minimum 6 hours every week
– Likes to understand things. The more nerdy it gets the more interesting!

I said yes to being an ambassador for Coaches Congress, as I wanted to be a part of a great team that inspires the people (gym owners/ coaches) who make a massive positive impact on their client’s health everyday in their gyms. 

I want to help increase attendance to Coaches Congress in order to keep gym/ box owners motivated to do the hard, but honest work, on one of the most vexing problems we face today – public health.

Noémie Perrier - Switzerland

I am a former lobbyist & communication specialist. I’m HAWO’s co-founder, a coaching business where we empower individuals to get fitter, stronger, and happier while having fun, and building meaningful connections along the way.


Coaches Congress is a « life changing »event for coaches and owners. The knowledge, experiences, and the value shared during those few days are gold. 


Being able to build a bridge between Swiss coaches/owners from all linguistic areas and help them learn from CC and each other, as well as build the career they deserve is my main motivation to become an ambassador. 

Coaches Congress ambassador Noemie
Rune Laursen - Denmark

I am 34 years old and live in Roskilde, Denmark. I’ve owned BoxLife in Roskilde for 6 years, and I’ve been doing CrossFit for 12 years.

I’ve taken the long journey from ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’ to ‘okay… I think it got this!’ I hope to meet a lot of great people, that I can share my mistakes with, and learn more from!

I’m a CC-ambassador because I love to help elevate the CrossFit professionals in Scandinavia. By supporting great events like Coaches Congress, a fantastic gathering of knowledge and skills, and even better, like minded people. Together, we can build epic stuff!

If you are a Danish gym owner or coach – or aspiring to be – I’d be honoured to help you. Please reach out, as I’d love to share my experience from Coaches Congress. Let’s gather a lot of Danes and meet up!

Atte Kaasinen - Finland

I am a 42 year old former combat athlete, turned easy-going family man. I run two CrossFit gyms in Lappeenranta, Finland. CrossFit Lappeenranta is ~13 years old and CrossFit Lappeenranta Varikko is in its 10th year. I am also the “president” of Finland’s longest running functional fitness competition – Karjalan Kovin.

I started as a box owner because of my love for training and coaching. It grew and I realized that being an owner is more than just coaching. If I wanted to keep going I needed to learn more about business, leadership, marketing and entrepreneurship.
I spent a lot of time reading books/ blogs, listening to podcasts, etc. Lots of information to choose from, some good and some bad!

What I love about Coaches Congress is that they do the heavy lifting to find speakers with the best information, working practices, and years of experience at failing and succeeding in gym business.

Georgy Casabalis - Belgium

I’m the happy owner of Mars CrossFit in Belgium, CF Level 3 coach, and passionate about sharing my knowledge to people around me and need my help in their everyday life.

Coming from a martial arts background, my core values are Modesty – Ambition – Resilience – Strength, MARS. In my everyday life, I’m excited to work with professional athletes to everyday folks who are striving to become better people in their life.

Becoming a CC ambassador is a natural thing to me – it means that I can help more people grow businesses that help the world becoming a better place.

Taking part in this year’s edition was eye-opening. From the atmosphere of the event, to the value of the different speakers in the line-up, everything at CC is done perfectly so that proactive business owners can just thrive with new practices coming back to their gyms.

You want to grow ? It’s the place to be.