About Coaches Congress

What to expect from Coaches Congress

Coaches Congress is a forum for those of you that wish to develop your business, either as a coach, or as a micro-gym or box owner.

Coaches Congress started in Stockholm Sweden in 2015. The original concept was developed in order to deliver the best possible content for gym, box owners, and coaches from across the Nordic countries. The goal was to offer content of high standards, and knowledge sharing, as well as keep up with trends within the training industry so that owners and coaches could remain in the forefront.

By 2019, Coaches Congress was happy to welcome participants, exhibitors, and keynote speakers from 15 countries, mainly from Northern Europe, but also from the US and Canada. We have continued to develop the concept every year and have now become, what we believe, is the largest summit for micro-gym owners and coaches in Europe within the functional fitness and CrossFit industry.

Our highly appreciated setup which includes seminars and workshops, as well as many opportunities to listen and learn from each other, is a clear winner and one which will remain while we continue to develop Coaches Congress even further.

Our mission is to provide both owners and coaches with the best possible speakers, motivators, and workshops in order to help them to grow their business, and to be able to serve their customers in a better way.

This year we will take it even further. Coaches Congress will be on tour to Berlin and we are looking forward to delivering yet another high-quality event in the middle of Europe. 


Coaches Congress includes two main categories to enable the greatest possible benefit for different individuals and roles.


As a business owner, it is easy to lose track and direction. There are so many things to handle, so many ideas to act on and so many fires to put out.

Coaches Congress aims to give you direction and set you on a path towards your Perfect Day! We are going to deliver keynote presentations as well as workshops that will help you grow your business in a sustainable way. It IS possible to be an entrepreneur in the fitness industry and be profitable without working your butt off!


As a coach in the micro-gym industry, you need to have many different skills. Advanced coaching knowledge, the ability to nurture strong relationships and establish trust, knowing how to sell, understanding the importance of communicating your brand and establishing expertise on social media and other media channels.

Being a coach in the micro-gym industry also provides you with unique opportunities that you perhaps would not find in “globo” gyms and in more traditional gyms. We, as micro-gyms, can challenge traditions and old ways of doing things. We can focus a hundred per cent on quality instead of volume.

The Team that makes it happen

Per Mattsson is the founder of Coaches Congress. Per is part owner of CrossFit Norrtälje and part owner of CrossFit 162 West in Vällingby, both located in the Stockholm region. He has been active in CrossFit since 2009 and from early on he has gotten involved in questions regarding the development of the community.

He realised that it was not only about liking to workout when trying to create a solid company for himself, his coaches and members. By hosting Coaches Congress, Per wanted to create a platform for coaches and owners to develop and learn more.

Per is also a highly regarded TwoBrain Business mentor to which he spends many hours helping other gym owners become successful.  

In order to continue to develop Coaches Congress further, Per partnered with Henrik Almers in 2018. Henrik is a co-owner of the Spanish based coaching business “You. Just Stronger”, and has many years of experience starting up and operating businesses in the travel, tourism and leisure industry. Henrik is an entrepreneur that contributes with his vast business, marketing and sales knowledge.

With the goal to grow Coaches Congress internationally in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Berlin based gym owner of Escapist CrossFit and Two-Brain mentor Rickard Björnekärr joined the team. 

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