Are you coachable?

One key trait I look for when I coach or mentor people is to understand if they are low or high in agreeable or disagreeable traits.

By default I believe a lot of CrossFit affiliate owners are more disagreeable than the average person, and much more likes to question the “standard way” of doing things. Much likely we like to position us more about things we are not like “we are not the typical gym” or “globo gyms don’t care if you come, but we do”. 

It has served us well in finding the most effective methodology of training, so it does not have to be a negative thing to be disagreeable.

I am by nature disagreeable in my temperament but at the same time I am very open and I have to balance these both parts. Here I believe I have much in common with most other owners. 

I have written before that often we as owners are the biggest roadblock to actually growing the business. Very often the level of disagreeable temperament is linked to that we have a hard time getting coached.

If you are like me (quite disagreeable) it is good to realise you need to lower that guard and practice getting coached. 

Figuring out everything by yourself will simply just be a very slow process and most likely you will not excel as fast as you want.

This is also where something like Coaches Congress comes in. In my disagreeable nature I would by default first be sceptical and need a lot of positive signals before I would participate. 

If this feels in common, this message is for you. Probably you have never been to a summit of this kind and have nothing to compare with so I hope this helps you. Coaches Congress will open up new paths for you to become a better leader, coach and business owner. All in one weekend, that will have an impact of where your future brings you. You can wait, you can chose to not come or you can take action towards creating a business and gym that you dream of having.

Take action and book your tickets!