Sick of Running Nutrition Challenges? Try This Instead

Sick of Running Nutrition Challenges? Try This Instead January is coming It’s time to do something nutrition-related for your members. Sigh. Does this sound familiar? Cory Kessler, owner of COREFIT in Ohio, used to run a nutrition challenge every January. She charged between $50 to $85 per person for a six-week group nutrition program, and it […]

Getting better ROI on Coaches Congress

You may already have attended Coaches Congress once or even several times? Probably, you pick up information and ideas and get inspired to do some changes, at least I hope so! Let´s say that you think the idea of doing consultations with all potential clients, what we call No Sweat Intros. If you know why […]

What are loyal members?

Loyal members? Many gyms go through the pain of increasing their prices. My gym does an increase every year and our members expect that to happen. But many gyms end up in doubt when increasing their rates and think about “loyal members” or sometimes even members state themselves as “loyal” and this way argue they […]

What are you changing?

It´s been a little more than a week since Coaches Congress. We all seem to agree that this year´s event was the best so far. The quality of the presentations and the workshops, the opportunity to meet with exhibitors and the chance to meet fellow owners and coaches are things that people bring up in […]

How to find coaches

In the last post here on Coaches Congress I wrote about that you need to stop cleaning your toilets and preferably get someone else to do it. Today I wanted to write about how to find coaches for your gym. When we open a gym we do it because we love coaching and helping people […]

Business running you? Track Metrics

One thing that made micro-gyms so unique and successful was not because they had new machines or movements never seen before. No the biggest difference was that micro gyms had a whiteboard with a specific task and a clock. The gyms that got serious with their tracking got happy clients with measurable results. The members […]

Why you should come to Coaches Congress

Today, Jim Crowell sent us a video explaining why he is coming back to Coaches Congress in 2022 after representing OPEX at Coaches Congress in 2020. Among other things he mentioned the value of all the relationships and new friendships that started after 2020. Expanding one´s network and learning with others have always been a […]

Owner Lifestyle

Denna intervju publicerade vi senast i September 2020 och den är värd att se igen. Anders och Jamina Gatti, på Gatti Training, har gjort rekordmånad på rekordmånad sen sommaren 2020. Detta mitt i en pandemi! Inte bara har omsättningen ökat och de gör hälsosam vinst varje månad, de har minskat sin egen arbetstid radikalt, förbättrat […]

Tighten your leaks and raise your ARM

ARM – Average Revenue per Member – is a great proof that we are delivering high value to clients. A high ARM means that clients buy more of our services, like PT, Nutrition, Specialty courses, workshops etc. The very fact that they buy is proof that they trust us and our team, they know that […]

Raise your arm if you want higher ARM!

ARM- Average Revenue per Member, is the perfect proof of client value. If your group training fee is 1280 SEK and you have 100 clients with an ARM of 1280 SEK that would mean every member would only be doing/using group classes in our gym. If the ARM is 2000 SEK that would mean your […]