FREE Exclusive Webinar with Nicole Aucoin Are you looking to save time and not reinvent the wheel when building a nutrition coaching program?   Are you looking to turn an informal conversation about nutrition into a professional program to increase member results and retention and add a revenue stream to your gym?    If you answered “Yes!” to either of […]

Marcus Filly at Coaches Congress

At Coaches congress Stockholm we sat down and had a discussion with Marcus Filly. We walked bout the future of coaching and also what is required by the coach in the future. Marcus also shared some of his journey and what he will be up to in the future.

Ben Bergeron Interview

We interviewed Ben Bergeron during the Coaches Congress Stockholm 22. Ben Burgeron is now returning to Coaches Congress Berlin.

Working more -> race to the bottom

I often thought that if I want to grow my business, I simply have to work more. Every time I the business had to grow I thought it was dependent on my doing more consultations, having more members, more PTs and more classes. I thought that every minute I had to keep on grinding to […]

Are you a successful player?

I am all for return of invest. When I put one hour into something I want to know how to measure that success. When you play sports and want to become a better athlete the most natural way of improving is to pick a team with a good coach but also great players with the […]

Are you coachable?

One key trait I look for when I coach or mentor people is to understand if they are low or high in agreeable or disagreeable traits. By default I believe a lot of CrossFit affiliate owners are more disagreeable than the average person, and much more likes to question the “standard way” of doing things. […]

Podcast: Kaleda Connell CEO KILO

Kaleda Connell, CEO KILO IN this episode we meet Kaleda Connell who is the CEO of KILO but also a Two-Brain Mentor. She used to own a very profitable gym but decided to sell them gym in late 2019 to fully focus on her new business KILO.

Coaches Congress 2022 Recap

RECAP – Coaches Congress 2022 Hi dear gym owners and coaches!  I made a video summary of the presentations at Coaches Congress 2022. Soon we will be publishing the interviews with our speakers. Stay tuned!

Raising Prices

Raising Prices Price rises for small businesses are a sensitive subject. I run a micro gym myself, where we get to know our members very closely, and it can definitely be scary to raise prices because we believe there will be a lot of reactions. Over the past year, through my role as a mentor […]

Mer än ett vanligt gym?

Nu slår Coronarestriktioner hårt i många branscher, så även mot våra microgym. Även om gym formellt inte omfattas av de nya restriktionerna så står det klart att rekommendationerna är tydliga och många av våra medlemmar vill eller vågar inte komma och träna. Nu ställs vi inför utmaningar och nu har vi också chansen att bevisa […]