En företagare som gör vinst har en miljon drömmar…

”En företagare som gör vinst har en miljon drömmar, en företagare som inte gör vinst har bara en” I mitt jobb som gymägare är jag ofta i kontakt med andra gymägare. Inte just för att jag är gymägare utan för att jag är väldigt intresserad av att lära av och med andra. Då jag dessutom […]

Are you even trying?

You have definitely ran into a couple of clients that have real problems following your advice. They come to your gym and they tell you about their goals, but they never really start following your advice. They just ”keep doing their thing” if you know what I mean? That client who always get injured but […]

Be aware of your inner cheerleader

Coaching is done on invidivual level. You want to be active in teaching, showing, correcting and encouraging and you want to be relentless in your pursuit of making everyone better, every single session. I used to be a body pump instructor. I was specifically told not to leave the stage during classes and hence could […]

Hur vi lyckas med personlig träning

Ett kort filmklipp där Per Mattsson berättar om två nyckelfaktorer bakom försäljningen av personlig träning på CrossFit 162 West https://youtu.be/MpywcWm6dAc

Vision and mission

What is your WHY? What is the reason you run a gym? What kind of footprint is it that you want to leave? Do you know? Many entrepreneurs ended up doing their thing more or less out of coincidence. That goes for some gymowners and that also goes for entrepreneurs, that I know, in other […]

Six weeks away!

There are about six weeks left to Coaches Congress 2020! We are expecting visitors from different parts of Europe and lecturers from all over the world. Most visitors are of course from Scandinavia, but we have visitors from many different countries. What we all have in common is a vision of helping individuals change their […]

Create content and establish expertise

Everything you take for granted is probably valuable information for your potential clients As gymowners and coaches, it is very easy to underestimate our knowledge and to overestimate others people´s knowledge. Some of the things that we consider basic knowledge is perhaps not known at all to many of our potential clients. That is why […]

Only the dead fish follow the stream

Premium service facilities don´t have to give “Black Friday Deals”! When you run a business, it´s important to understand your market and to understand your own services. You seldom see premium brands giving discounts or giving things away for free, do you? The reason is, they don´t HAVE to, because their brand, and their services/products […]

Why you need a one on one OnRamp process

There are still lots of gyms trying to onboard/introduce people to their gym using the group format. This is doing a disservice to the gym and to the clients!We am quite sure that we are not going to convince too many of you into changing your OnRamp right now but we are sure going to […]

More equipment or more leadership?

Honestly now, what do you think your coaches and your members would benefit more from in the long run; You investing in your own leadership and ability to build more solid systems, giving your coaches a career and yourself a sustainable lifestyle? More odd and expensive equipment like worms or jerk boxes? I know what […]