Ha koll på rätt statistik

Detta inlägg kommer att bli ett av mina ”kaxigaste” hittills. ”Kaxigt” för att jag kommer att vara ovanligt tydlig i mina rekommendationer och tips för dig som är gymägare. Jag vill helt enkelt VERKLIGEN att fler CrossFit-gym ska må bättre, det finns inte längre någon anledning att ni som ägare ska fortsätta begå de amatörmässiga […]

One on One with my staff

In one of the gyms that I am the co-owner of, I am “responsible for staff”. That means that I am responsible for their development, I am responsible for making sure everyone is happy working with us and I am responsible for making sure everyone is “aboard the bus” and that they are in the […]

I want you to be able to choose!

Last year, at Coaches Congress, we had a couple of mentors from Two Brain Business as presenters. Some of the topics they covered were “Owner´s lifestyle” and “Sales and Marketing”. Two Brain Business is growing in Europe and it is certainly growing in Sweden. We are quite a few gyms who are part of TBB […]

Don´t be like that client

Have you ever felt frustrated about a client/member who simply don´t follow our advice? That person who might even have been a member at your gym for several years but still haven´t had any results? They keep coming, they keep asking questions, they go to classes and they might even do extra stuff at Open […]

Building a system that works

Connect the dots You may have seen the different blog posts that I´ve posted recently? You may also have attended Coaches Congress once or even several times? Every now and then you pick up information and ideas and get inspired to do some changes, at least I hope so! Let´s say that you think the […]

How to package your services

What happens if someone walks into your gym looking for personal training? Do you offer PT in your gym? What happens if someone walks into your gym and asks for nutrition and PT? Is your “solution” to peoples´ problems always “group training” or do you actually listen to their problems and their goals and make […]

The Client Success Manager

If you´ve read Mike Michalowicz´s book “Clockwork”, which you should, you are familiar with the term “Queen Bee Function” or “Queen Bee Role”. He defines it as the most important function or role that exists in your business. In a beehive, the most important function is that someone is laying eggs. That ROLE is filled […]

How We Do Individual Programming In Our Gyms

Introduction – Potentiality If you are not providing your cliental the opportunity to invest in individual programming, then you are missing out on a potential revenue stream for your company. Besides missing out on a potential revenue stream for your gym and your coaches, you’re denying your coaches the opportunity to further develop their coaching […]

One on one with my staff

As a mentor in Two Brain Business I constantly try helping gym owners to prioritize their workdays so that they spend as much time as possible in “higher value roles” and with tasks that they are really good at and enjoy doing. As a gym owner I sometimes struggle with that same thing and tend […]

The Client Journey- Design for Success!

The Client Journey is what we call a customers experience with our gyms. All the way from the very first time they get in contact with us to when they start training with us and then the rest of their time spent with us. How easy is it for a client to know how to […]