Recapturing clients

Take a guess: who is most likely to buy your services?

If you guessed: ”Our excisting clients” you were right! The ones who are most likely to buy from you are the clients you already have. Why? Because they ALREADY know you and trust you. Because you have already shown your value to them and they know you can give them the results they want.

Besides excisting clients, who else do you think is most likely to buy your services?

If you guessed: ”former clients and members” you were right again! People who have been with you before are also very likely to buy from you again. Why? Because, even if they might have cancelled their membership, or stopped coming for treatments or personal training, it is very likely that they will want to pick up good habits again.Then it is also very likely that they will reach out to someone they already know- YOU!

They already have a relationship with you and your business so they are passed the ”awareness phase”. You don´t have to educate them on what you do, they already know.

Many business owners spend to much time trying to find new clients and to little time trying to KEEP existing clients or RECAPTURE former clients. You do have email adresses and/or phone numbers to former clients and members, right? When was the last time you reached out to a former client or member just to ask how they were doing?

  • What is the worst thing that can happen if you call them today?
  • What kind of signal are you sending out IF you call or email them today?
  • What kind of signal are you sending out if you DON`T reach out to them again?

Here is what I recommend:

Step 1: quick and easy

Twice a year, we send out an email to our email lists with this very simple question:

Headline: Quick question

-”Are you still interested in getting more fit?” OR ”How can I help you get more fit?”

That email is a ”long shot” but even if you get only ONE response it is worth the 10 minutes it took to send it. What you want is to start a dialogue where you get back into the position of the expert who can help. Best case scenario you book them into a No Sweat Intro, otherwise you have at least reminded them that you still exist and that you still care!

Step 2: thorough and personal

Reaching out individually is more time consuming but it also increases the chances of getting responses

Go through your whole email list and your whole list of former clients.Email, text or call them individually. Of course you don´t have to change the wording a lot but it must be clear that this is an individualised text/email if that is your choice.

If you call, and they don´t answer, call again!

If you spend one hour every day on this, until you have gone through your whole list. Having just ONE client for every week´s worth of effort is still worth the time. ONE client!

These people are going to thank you for reaching out, even if they are not coming back right now, they are still going to remember you and think even higher of you.

Now, go pick some low hanging fruit!