Six weeks away!

There are about six weeks left to Coaches Congress 2020!

We are expecting visitors from different parts of Europe and lecturers from all over the world. Most visitors are of course from Scandinavia, but we have visitors from many different countries. What we all have in common is a vision of helping individuals change their lives. Most of the people coming are entrepreneurs of some kind, with a commitment and a “drive” that is almost contagious!

Many visitors are coming back, year after year, because they see value in an event like this. They know that entrepreneurs can´t stop developing and growing and that businesses need to evolve to survive. We all have that challenge in common!

As business owners, and owners of micro gyms, we are leading a paradigm shift. From “renting equipment” to more coaching and expertise. We our experts and we take responsibility for giving our clients our best possible advice, not any “one size fits all” solutions. We call this ”the prescriptive model” and it is something totally different from what most gyms are doing. If we want to set ourselves apart from large parts of the industry, we need to understand what our strategic advantages are.

If we do that right, and communicate our value and how we deliver results, there are no one who can beat us. If we do it wrong, and try to compete with traditional models, pricing and systems, we will go down in flames.

For us, who started Coaches Congress, the vision is to contribute to a positive change in the fitness industry. Helping other gym owners could be the best way of reaching as many individuals as possible. The ones who most deserve to be helped and supported are all of you gym owners, every day heroes, who have chosen to help other people live better lives! That is why we want you to come to Coaches Congress. If you would do just ONE change, from things you learn at the Coaches Congress, that could pay off ten times, a hundred times or even a THOUSAND times!

  • Pricing your membership rates based on real calculations instead of what “feels good” or based on “what other gyms charge” could save you thousands every year.
  • Just by opening up for an individual onramp process you could serve some clients better, let coaches earn more money and make the gym more profitable
  • Starting to have some sort of conversation with every new potential client helps you offer more customized solutions to every clients and to keep them longer in your gym. Increased lifetime value per client is a crucial number for a gym owner
  • Understanding the importance of better communication your values, your vision and your mission will make it easier to find the right staff and to keep them longer. Without a clear vision, and without clear values, you have nothing to guide you in decision making. Your staff, and your members, need to know what kind of leader they are following, they need to know your WHY. Do YOU know your WHY?
  • Meeting other gymowners, and making connections, will give you invaluable support in tough situations. Being an entrepreneur could be lonely and often you have no one to turn to when you need help or support. Building a network can be crucial to have the energy to go on.

All of the things above will be addressed at the Coaches Congress. The thing is, most of them are connected. Come and meet us, let us help eachother in building sustainable businesses that will make a difference in people´s lives for as long as we want to!

Welcome tol Coaches Congress in january 2020. Book your tickets at