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Colm O´Reilly

Two-Brain Business

Colm is the founder of CrossFit Ireland, an affiliate in its 15th year, and a certified Two-Brain Business Mentor. Colm struggled for years trying to get his business right, but it was only when he put himself as a priority that business began to move in the direction he wanted. “I see it on both sides, gym owners who are struggling to make ends meet and gym owners who on paper have it all but are still stressed and anxious. The common trend is they’re not taking care of their mental well-being. Building wealthy and happiness don’t need to be mutually exclusive.”



“Take Care of Yourself So You Can Take Care of Business”

You simply cannot be an afterthought to everything else your business and your life demands of you. You have to devote time to ensuring your mind is as clear, compassionate and confident as possible so you can build the business and life you want. Colm will give you daily questions to ask to ensure you’re topping yourself up so you can be the best version of yourself and handle whatever the day throws at you.


Why Your Members Aren’t Following Through On Your Great Advice (And How to Get Through to Them!)

You’re the expert when it comes to health and fitness. People come to you for your advice. But then they don’t follow it! It can be frustrating and demotivating. In my talk we’ll discuss the missing step in getting through to your members, and how to really give them what they want and need when they seek your guidance.