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Ebba Liljedahl

Crossfit 162 West

Ebba Liljedahl and Cornelia Granaas Holmqvist are coaches at CrossFit 162 West. As such, they have played an active role in building that gym to what is now one of the world’s largest microgyms!

Some of their roles are:

  • Nutrition Coach
  • Client Success Team
  • Sales Team
  • Manual Therapists
  • Mama CrossFit Coaches
  • Personal Trainers

As true key players in the organization, Ebba and Cornelia will talk about how they build their client base, what they do to create the best possible client experience and how they work with audience building to get even more clients into the gym

Ebba and Cornelia are team leaders and as such responsible for building their own revenue streams. Their presentation is going to cover the best tactics and methods, with lots of examples from Ebbas and Cornelias work at 162 West.

You will walk away knowing what it means to be an intrapreneur in your gym. As an owner, you will learn how to create opportunities for your coaches. As a coach, you will learn how to become more successful and how to get more clients