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Femke Hogema

Healthy Finance

Femke Hogema started her career as a financial controller for large international companies. She loved figures and the clarity that figures provide about a company’s health. But she also saw that entrepreneurs don’t like figures, bookkeepers or accountants. Entrepreneurs find figures boring, complicated, and theoretical. She started her company, Healthy Finance, to close this gap between entrepreneurs and figures, and to help entrepreneurs get a grip on their numbers.

She gave lectures and training courses, wrote 5 management books and became a nr. 1 bestselling author. She contributed to the Dutch edition of Profit First. Two of her books are published internationally: ‘The Profit Advisor’ and ‘Profitable Plans’, in German: ‘Der Finanzplan zum Erfolg’.

Femke makes finance fun, practical, and accessible and in the course of ten years she inspired tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to build a financially healthy and profitable business.

Femke was featured as financial coach in a popular TV show on National TV.


Profit First keynote

Profit First is a profoundly simple yet shockingly effective method that will transform your business from a cash eating monster into a money making machine. Thanks to Profit First, your income and profit are no longer a leftover. With Profit First your income and profit are important and you secure them with every euro that you make!

Thanks to Profit First you do not have to understand your accounting system to manage your money. You will make more profit, sleep better and make sound business decisions from day one!
Femke Hogema brought the Profit First method to the Netherlands. She is the director of the Dutch Profit First Professionals company. Femke is a nr. 1 bestselling author and she gives keynotes all over europe. Thanks to her high energy a keynote by Femke is never boring and alway fun, practical and relatable.