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Joe Tebaldi

Joe Tebaldi is well-recognized for his ability to design, develop and customize marketing and brand experiences with ahead-of-the-curve UX and UI for businesses in fitness and wellness. He has a natural ability to coach, listen, provide perspective and get to understand a customer’s “why”. Using this purpose as a north star, he analyzes for strategic opportunities, envisions the roadmap and makes it happen in a way that exceeds the expectations of everyone involved.

His professional background spans bootstrapping entrepreneurial side projects to supporting well-funded startups, normally with a focus on crafting customer experiences, building digital brand assets and providing innovative branding strategy. At the heart of his work is design intentionality, a deep understanding of consumer behavior and an ability to communicate complex or new ideas across a variety of audiences.

For the last five years, Joe has served as founder and CEO of flexx, a recently redesigned digital workspace for people who work in fitness and wellness.


Seminar: Build an enduring, profitable brand with these free, practical strategies you can implement today

Aren’t you tired of the plethora of gimmicks that bring in the wrong type of leads? Remember Groupon, 6-Week Challenges, etc…? Most gym owners are tired of marketing that negatively impacts their brand and doesn’t represent who they are.

Well, there’s another way.

Gym owners can build enduring, profitable gyms and authentic, lasting brands. Introducing: Care-based Branding.

Joe Tebaldi CEO of flexx and Sean Buck COO of Level Method will present and share a valuable, effective framework for marketing and branding to start:

  • attracting the right customers
  • increasing revenue and customer satisfaction
  • improving the loyalty of your staff and customers
  • building a solid, lasting brand you’re proud of

It’s called the Care Cycle. It’s free, simple to understand and is based on cost-effective strategies, all while promoting who you are and what you represent authentically. After the talk, you’ll walk away with real, practical solutions you can implement right away.

And there’s a special bonus at the end for everyone.