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Kalle Solberg

Karl grew up in Stockholm, Sweden but he has spent quite some time in other countries as well. France, Canada, Brazil and Spain are places where he spent enough time to learn the languages. Working as a Key Account Manager with clients in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, France, Spain and many more gave Karl the opportunity to study and understand both life and business in different parts of the world.

Gymnastics, dancing and martial arts is his athletic base. Snowboarding and skiing comes second. Soccer, rugby, track and field, diving, and many other sports has been part of his life too. Karl found CrossFit after accidentally combining strength training from gymnastics with weightlifting. Someone told him it was called CrossFit but when he started to follow crossfit.com and reading The CrossFit Journal he saw the breadth and depth of the CrossFit methodology and understood quickly that he was merely scratching the surface.

Owning and operating a personal training company, a corporate wellness company and CrossFit Medis has provided plenty of obstacles and beautiful constraints. Every mistake and every victory provides opportunity for growth and improvement. Karl is eager to share whatever he can to help you getting closer to your perfect day.


Seminar topic

To have a successful business, you have to be great at more than marketing. You actually have to get results. You have to get people to show up. You have to make sure they stick around long enough to change their habits and their behavior.

There is a lot at stake. It takes time and resources to attract new clients. It is way easier and more cost effective to keep a client than it is to get a new client.

  • The problem is that you are losing time and money if your retention is poor.
  • The solution is simple systems and routines that you will be able to implement today.
  • The benefit is less time spent on marketing and selling and more time doing what matters the most – coaching your clients

Retention has nothing to do with feelings and hunches. Retention is all about numbers. You need data to measure if your efforts are worth the work. Thinking you have good retention is NOT good enough.

You will be provided with the best metrics to track. You will get to know more about the psychology of retention. Why your clients actually come to your gym every week and why some will ghost you. The process will be clearly defined for you and you will be able to start implementing simple systems right now. We start with who you serve. Then we will figure out when you have to interact with your clients and what to do to better nurture your relationship with them.