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Oskar Ragvald

Oskar Ragvald has been active in the training industry for almost 25 years and has twenty years of experience as a leader. He has opened and operated over 200 fitness clubs in northern Europe under the brands Nautilus and Actic.

Since 2019 he has been a part of Eleiko where he is managing Eleikos sales organization.

During these years he has been a part of implementing Eleikos values and leadership principles in the company’s subsidiaries around the world.


Topic: Performance, Learning and kindness – How to operate a company the Eleiko way

Most people in our industry have heard about Eleiko. Some have also heard about the Eleiko feeling.

Eleiko is a value driven company. Our values Performance, Learning and Kindness is guiding the way we act and think both on a strategic level but also in the way we act every day.

In this session we will present how we operate our company in a way where everybody is acting and living our values.

It is only when we all share the same passion and work together that we can reach our mission of making people stronger so they can perform in sports and in life.