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Robin Beier

Nutrition coach

Robin Beier helps coaches increase their reach and impact through his YouTube channel and one-on-one mentorship program. Previously, Robin worked at Precision Nutrition as assistant coach in the Level 2 Master Health Coach Certifications for more than 4 years. He also helped thousands of coaches solve the day-to-day challenges of changing client behaviors through his work in Precision Nutrition’s Facebook groups.

Robin is a mathematician and physicist by training but changed careers over 10 years ago into nutrition coaching. He started offering in-person coaching in Berlin and expanded into online nutrition coaching. His work focused on helping people develop healthier eating habits after sacrificing their health for years for their careers or other people.

In addition to his Precision Nutrition certifications, he has certifications in a range of areas including motivational interviewing along with communication strategies to influence others.

He sold his company in 2019 after a personal crisis. He shares on his YouTube channel what he wished he had learned when he started out as a coach from what to say in coaching sessions to introductions to motivational interviewing strategies.

His compassionate, solution-focused style makes him a sought-after speaker and podcast guest.


TOPIC #1: Inexpensive Ways to Create a Better VIP Check-In Experience

Traditional Client Check-Ins are coach-centered. They are about tracking numbers and collecting client feedback. Clients dread them!

They give flat answers (or don’t respond at all) and you keep having the same conversations over and over again.

We’re going to cover the common mistakes we keep making with traditional check-ins like:

  • Reinforcing their obsession with numbers and the scale
  • Avoiding talking about resistance or failure
  • Over-highlighting “wins” + motivating them to keep them going
  • Assuming they don’t want this bad enough or aren’t ready to change
  • Glossing over successful weeks with a sigh of relief without further exploration

Plus five powerful questions you need to be asking your clients every single week (and what to do with the answers you’re getting when they DO open up and go deep with you).

We cover the best practices for client check-ins and also talk about the ways to individualize the way you check-in with your clients for a true VIP-experience.


TOPIC #2: Breakthrough Guide to Motivational Interviewing for Sustainable Weight Loss Results

Change is a messy and confusing process. Ambivalence and resistance are normal parts of the change process.

Open-ended questions, the right reflections and the idea of “rolling with resistance” are the major motivational interviewing techniques that we discuss.

You will learn how to apply these specific motivational interviewing techniques in the context of your day-to-day client check-ins. From reviewing food logs to dealing with clients that feel stuck and unmotivated.

Uncover how to elicit change talk in your clients and how to move them from exploring resistance and ambivalence to planning and creating specific next action steps that lead to sustainable weight loss results.