Remember your best ideas!

I have always been a person with lots of ideas. Sometimes I guess that´s a bit overwhelming for my business partners and also for my girlfriend…

The upside of this is that we have started some really cool  projects and businesses because of that. Some of the things that exist now because of my ideas are;

  • CrossFit Norrtälje- our first location
  • Coaches Congress- possibly the biggest and best summit for box owners and coaches in Europe
  • Roslagen Open- well known as the biggest and best elite competition in Sweden
  • Box Connect Fitness- a platform for delivering programs and other fitness services online
  • PaleoBoxen -a food delivery service

When you have lots of ideas, you need at least four things;

  1. The ability to stop yourself from taking action on all of them
  2. A mentor or coach who can help you decide which of the ideas to take action on and when
  3. Business partners who can then help you with the ones you choose to take action on
  4. Some method to remember all of the good ideas you get

I get a lot of ideas while taking walks, when I´m driving and when I am in bed. Often it´s not that easy to remember all of the ideas, you THINK you will remember them because they are SO GOOD but still you forget!

Here is what I have started doing;

I pick up my phone and film myself describing the idea. I have an hour drive to our second location and I often spend that time listen to Two Brain Radio. Listening to smart people gives you LOTS of ideas so a car ride can result in 3-5 short films! Then I have them recorded and can go back to them in during the day or on a day and time that I have marked in my calendar for “creative time”. Do I stop my car to record the films? What do you think? 😉

This is a little “owner´s lifehack” that you can use in other ways as well.

As a business owner you need to be very structuralized. You can´t really afford to forget ideas, you must remember what to communicate, with whom, when and why. If you haven´t “retired” from the CEO role you are still the one responsible for running the business. Communication is a very big part of that.

What is your best ways of remembering and taking actions on your best ideas?



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