Why you, and your clients, need No Sweat Intros

There are almost as many ways of introducing new people to CrossFit as there are CrossFit-gyms.

  • Onramp classes
  • Free trials
  • PT only onramps
  • Screenings/assessments
  • “CrossFit light” versions

Every gymowner is of course allowed to do as they want but in this text I am going to explain why you should do a No Sweat Intro ( NSI) and what you are missing out on if you don´t.

As gymowners, we are the experts on fitness and health. We serve our clients better if we take on that responsibility and accept our role as leaders. Sitting down in a NSI is the best way of doing just that with new potential clients.

I would like to quote my fellow mentor  from Two Brain Business, Sherman Merricks, about taking on the role as expert. He said this;

“if you know what would be the absolute BEST solution for someone, how do you defend NOT recommending that to that person?”

I mean, if you have a clear idea of how you could best help someone, why are you not recommending just that? By all means, if you think a free trial, followed by group training, is the best possible solution for everyone who walks in your doors, keep doing only that.

On the other hand, if you feel that some people would be much better of with a package with PT, nutrition coaching and lots of follow ups, make sure to offer those services and make sure to recommend those services to those people. Makes sense?

Not only are you helping people more, you are also making more money and building a more solid business.

In a NSI, you ask lots of questions to gather information;

  • What are your goals?
  • Why are they important to you?
  • What do you hope we can help you with?
  • What have you tried before?
  • Would you prefer to workout alone with a coach or in a group? (best question ever!)

What you want is to end up in a situation where you, as the expert and based on all the information you now have, lay down your best recommendation. If someone has “losing weight” as a goal your recommendation should include nutrition coaching and if someone prefers to workout alone you should present her with your different PT-packages, right?

So, if you are currently not doing any sort of interview with new client, you may actually be helping them less than you could! You may also be missing out on more revenue for you and your coaches. No one is winning…

There are so many tactics and strategies to be aware of when it comes to doing No Sweat Intros and Goal Reviews with members and clients. Just remember that this is not at all trying to trick someone into buying things they don´t need. You are simply taking on your role as the expert and your role as the helper. Remember Sherman´s quote!

Following this article, we need to go into how to present different packages of all your services and how to train staff in doing NSIs. All you have to do is follow this blog and then to show up at Coaches Congress in January and we will give you all the tools you need!



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