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As a mentor in Two Brain Business I constantly try helping gym owners to prioritize their workdays so that they spend as much time as possible in “higher value roles” and with tasks that they are really good at and enjoy doing.

As a gym owner I sometimes struggle with that same thing and tend to forget what I should focus on. The last couple of months I have really tried to focus on my strengths and on things that would benefit our business the most. As a result, I have made sure to book lots of meetings one on one with our staff. I am really good at motivating people and at making them feel confident in their own capacity. Therefore, it would be a real waste of talent NOT to meet up with staff!

Some of the benefits of regular one on one meetings, according to me, are;

  • You show your staff that you care about them
  • You get the opportunity to communicate your vision and values
  • They get the opportunity to give you feedback
  • You increase their capacity by setting goals together and by following up
  • You get to constantly check if you have “the right people in the bus” and if everyone is on the right seat in the bus

These are just a few of many benefits from meeting up one on one. One thing that you really MUST have as a part of these talks is the “Perfect Day” question! Everyone in your business should regularly reflect on what their perfect day looks like and how they can work towards that. Having a perfect day written down gives a road map and a “why” to everyone´s life. As a leader, being aware of your staff´s perfect day is super important. How else could you help them in REALLY living a good life?

Josh Martin, one of the mentors in Two Brain Business, gave a really good presentation at the Two Brain Business Summit in Chicago. He talked about relationships and had all of us reflect on how we prioritized meetings with our staff. He compared it to how we treat PT clients. It is not very common that you cancel sessions with PT clients or that you reschedule with them because something else came up, right? But as owners, it is often more common to do exactly that with your staff…why is that? Perhaps you don´t even schedule meetings with your staff because you don´t really see the value or importance in it? Perhaps you don´t know how to have that kind of conversation?

The two things I focus on right now, with our staff, are;

  1. One on one meetings
  2. Sales training

One on one meetings for all of the reasons I mentioned above. If there is one thing that really could boost our business it must be to help our staff, right?
Sales training is done with everyone in the staff that wants to join. To help them shift mindset, from “selling” to “helping” and to help them with useful strategies.

I would like to finish off this article with two questions and with one challenge, are you ready?


  1. If you are not, at the moment, meeting up with your staff on a regular basis, one on one, how do you know how you best can help them and what their goals and struggles are?
  2. If you are not meeting up with them, how do you know that you have the right people in the bus and that they are in the right seats in the bus?



In the following three months, before the end of September, make sure to book one on one meetings with all your staff. If you want a “script” with questions to use, email me at



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