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If you´ve read Mike Michalowicz´s book “Clockwork”, which you should, you are familiar with the term “Queen Bee Function” or “Queen Bee Role”. He defines it as the most important function or role that exists in your business.

In a beehive, the most important function is that someone is laying eggs. That ROLE is filled by the Queen Bee. Everyone else in the hive have a role and a function that supports the queen bee in her job.

For a micro gym, you might argue that the QBR is “coaching” but we have defined it as “The client Experience” in our gyms. The most important thing we can focus on is our client’s success and therefore we must focus all our energy into making their journey with us the best possible experience. Enter the role of the Client Success Manager!

The Client Success Manager, CSM, is responsible for making sure that there are no gaps in our client journey. From the first time they ever get in contact with us, to the moment that they leave us, their experience should be superb. IN that comes things such as;

  • Getting the best coaching
  • Enjoying a clean facility
  • Meeting service minded and friendly staff
  • Always get good information

So, to be clear; our Queen Bee FUNCTION is “the client experience” and the CSM is responsible for most of it. Here are some of the things that our CSM is responsible for

  • Our CSM does most of our No Sweat intros. She is the first person our new clients meet. She pairs them with a coach that is responsible for their intro process and make sure they know what the next step is.
  • Every Monday, she has a meeting with the coaches responsible for PT and introprocess and they follow up on every client that is currently in their first 90 day journey. We are super thorough with our first 90 days because that period is crucial for helping a new member create better habits.
  • After someone “graduated” from their first 90 days, our CSM celebrates with them by giving them a present. She also sits down with them to plan the next step. Everything to make different transitions as easy and smooth as possible
  • Bright Spot Friday in our members group. She posts #BSF which is a way of making members celebrate good things from that week. Success brings motivation and we work hard to create a culture where it is ok to share success with others
  • Goal reviews. Our CSM is responsible for following up on every member quarterly. We want to make sure that our members our happy and we also want to make sure that we serve them in the best possible way. Having goal reviews is one of the best ways of securing that. More about goal reviews in another blogpost

These are some of the things that our CSM is doing to give our members and clients the best possible experience. Putting someone in charge of this is going to be a game changer for your business and your members. A CSM makes sure that everyone in your staff understand the importance of supporting the Queen Bee Function

If you want to learn more about how this can improve your business, make sure to come to our workshop in August and to show up at Coaches Congress in January!

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