Don´t be like that client

Have you ever felt frustrated about a client/member who simply don´t follow our advice? That person who might even have been a member at your gym for several years but still haven´t had any results?

They keep coming, they keep asking questions, they go to classes and they might even do extra stuff at Open Gym but they just don´t really listen and they just don´t follow any plan. Frustrating for sure and after a while you almost give up on them, right? I BET you have experienced someone like that and you just can´t understand WHY they don´t listen to you or even take action on SOME of your advice!

Let me tell you a little secret; there are gymowners who are just like that too. You might even be one of them!

I have been arranging Coaches Congress for six years now and throughout the years there have been hundreds of gymowners and coaches attending. I have also been on phone calls with lots of owners, especially in Sweden, because I have become somewhat of a “person you ask for advice”. I like helping out so that is just fun, that WAS one of the reasons I started Coaches Congress after all.

What is interesting though, is to see the total different results that boxowners have gotten from coming to Coaches Congress over the years. There are quite a lot of owners who have been at the event every year, or almost every year.

Some have taken lots of action, listened to speakers and made up their minds to do changes in order to run a more professional business and lead a better life as entrepreneurs. They are now at a totally different place than where they were five years ago.

Some have made up lots of excuses, listened to the same speakers but never had the willpower to make changes or try new ways of doing things. They say things like

  • “people in my town are very unique, they are not willing to pay”
  • “It is harder for me to make changes because the members in my club are my friends”
  • “Our free onramp course is very popular so we can´t change that”
  • “My coowners don´t understand so it´s impossible for me to do the changes I want”

You get the idea, there are lots of examples and lots of ways you can blame your lack of progress on things “beyond your control”, right?

The thing is, if you keep acting like that there is no difference between your behaviour and the behaviour of that client. If you never take action and try new methods, methods that many other gyms, in many different countries, use and succeed with, then you are always going to struggle. If you are struggling, or if you want more results, you cannot expect that to happen by doing the same things.

If your methods are not effective, it won´t help you to do MORE of them!

You need to start doing things differently!

Your town or village is not unique. People in your town are not different from people in other towns. Your staff is not different than staff in other gyms. It all comes down to YOU as a leader. You need to make up your mind, set goals and start acting like you want things to happen.

This year at Coaches Congress, make up your mind, in advance, to leave with 3-5 super specific action points. There will be so many great speakers that you simply cannot be there without getting at least 3-5 golden nuggets. Set goals for things like;

  • Personal development
  • Business revenue
  • Staff development

And then make sure to act on them.

Somewhere, in the back of your head, you also know why members who succeed really succeed, right? It is because they listen to you and your coaches, the experts, and they use you to help hold them accountable. The secret sauce is in the consistency and in the accountability

Who is going to guide you with expertise?

Who is going to hold you accountable?

Don´t be like that client/member…start your journey towards something better!



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