Vision and mission

What is your WHY?

What is the reason you run a gym? What kind of footprint is it that you want to leave? Do you know?

Many entrepreneurs ended up doing their thing more or less out of coincidence. That goes for some gymowners and that also goes for entrepreneurs, that I know, in other businesses. You are GOOD at something and decide to start a business, or someone asks you to join them in starting a business, and suddenly there you are.

Instead of just doing what you are good at, now you also have to learn how to actually RUN A BUSINESS 😊

The thing is, if you have chosen to work with things related to “helping people”, like with fitness, you need a very clear and specific WHY or else people are not going to know why they should “follow” you. What is it you want to do for people and why?

When I was working as a principal, I often found distinctions between teachers who started teaching because they loved “helping people”, and teachers that started teaching because they “loved their subject”. Teachers who loved their subject more often thought of the students/kids as “problems” that didn´t understand or appreciated the subject. Teachers who “loved helping” where more proned to look at it from another point of view, more like: “How can I change my way of teaching so that everyone understand?”. The “problem” wasn´t the kids for these teachers, the “problem” was around the teaching and the teacher´s skillset.

The two different perspectives can literally decide if students will succeed or not. So how does this apply to you as a gymowner?

Well, if you are in this just because you love working out in a cool gym, then why would coaches and clients choose you as their leader? Are they there just to bring in the cash you need to have a playground and somewhere to hang or are they in there because you want to be their guide to a better life?

  • What is your vision?
  • What is it you want to achieve?
  • What experiences in your life led to where you are now?

If I was a coach in your gym, how would I know what the vision is and what values I need to buy in on? Would I know if I was a member?

Knowing your why, and knowing your vision and your values, gives you a direction. That direction needs to be communicated and it needs to be communicated a LOT! Do not take for granted, or expect, that people know or feel that you are a good person who wants to change the world, you need to tell them and you need to show them how your vision and your values act as guidelines in your gym and in your interactions with them. It could be something as simple as:

“we want to treat everyone the same, therefore we don´t give discounts to people with certain professions”


“We want to help XXX amount of people change their lives in a positive way and that´s why it´s so important for us to tell the stories about our members and their successes”

If our coaches know that we want to help ONE MILLION individuals change their lives in a positive way, they would also understand the importance of spreading the word about our member´s successes. If our members know that we are in this game because we honestly want to change people´s understanding of fitness, they also understand why we need them to help us and let us brag about them on social media for instance.

You need a clear vision and you need to communicate it a lot. Give people around you the chance to really BUY IN to something worth buying into. Be a leader and make your gym that “beacon” that show people the way. Do not make the mistake of believing that people “know” or “feel” what vision and values you have.

At the Coaches Congress, you will have the opportunity to listen to Swedish gymowner, and business mentor, Karl Solberg in his talk about vision and values. This is a presentation that could literally change your life as a gymowner and the whole community around you!


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