Are you even trying?

You have definitely ran into a couple of clients that have real problems following your advice. They come to your gym and they tell you about their goals, but they never really start following your advice. They just ”keep doing their thing” if you know what I mean?

  • That client who always get injured but never starts taking care of mobility and rehab in order to prevent the NEXT injury
  • That client who wants to get better at weightlifting but constantly practice technique with to heavy weight and therefore never improves
  • That client who complains about lack of results but always go for the lightest options in class
  • That client who wants to lose weight but won´t listen to your nutrition advice

So many different examples to choose from 😊 Do you recognice any of them? Do you have other examples? How do you feel about clients like this? Frustrated? You feel sorry for them? Have you given up?

Here is a truth you might not like; you are exactly the same! If you are a business owner you are definitely avoiding some really good advice that is available for you. You have definitely avoided some of MY advice over the years 😉 I know this because I have gymowners calling me, or emailing me, about problems they have in their businesses. Some of you are still calling with the same issues and problems you had THREE or even FIVE years ago.

You even say: ”I know what your answer is going to be Per” and that really is interesting. I feel sorry for friends and people I like who are still stuck with the same problems they had three or five years ago.

  • Gymowners, who work hard but don´t get profit.
  • Gymowners who work hard but feel their coaches are not buying in to their values and systems
  • Gymowners who work hard but have members ”rioting” after small price increases
  • Gymowners who work hard and miss out on family time

If things like this feel familiar, then why are you not TRYING some advice and implement new ideas? If what you have been doing for three to five years is not working, why is it so hard to try something new?
Do you really want to be like those clients who will not listen to your advice? If they haven´t TRIED your advice, you don´t want to have opinions as to whether your advice is good or not, do you?

  • Do you want to have a better life as an entrepreneur?
  • Do you want to be able to offer coaches a career where they can support thier family?
  • Do you want to build a sustainable business where members can keep training for YEARS and get great results?
  • Do you want to feel self respect for standing up for your values in your business?
  • Do you want better clients who are willing to pay for your services?

Then at least TRY something different! Then at least DO something new!  

What do you have to lose, really?



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