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ARM- Average Revenue per Member, is the perfect proof of client value. If your group training fee is 1280 SEK and you have 100 clients with an ARM of 1280 SEK that would mean every member would only be doing/using group classes in our gym. If the ARM is 2000 SEK that would mean your average client is spending 720:- more than that every month. By doing PT, treatments, nutrition coaching etc

Obviously, it is very interesting for any gym to raise their ARM! A high ARM is the perfect proof that you are delivering value because if clients are willing to spend more money, they must trust in our services and get the results they want, right?

There are many different ways of increasing your ARM

  • Raise membership rates- most microgyms are way to low
  • Sell more core services like personal training , nutrition coaching or online coaching
  • Sell supplements, manual therapy or specialty programs

There are no doubts that any gymowner should make sure to charge relevant group training rates. There are also no doubts that any client would benefit from nutrition coaching and/or personal training so that should also be part of your core services.

Better results for the client AND more money for the gym, that is a classic win-win situation!

If you want your clients to buy nutrition coaching, or personal training, there are a couple of things that you MUST be doing:

  • Market: tell people that you are offering those services- people can´t buy what they don´t know exists
  • Sell: when people show interest, bring them in for a No Sweat Intro, ask about their goals and give your recommendation
  • Deliver: you must give clients the results they want so of course coaching and accountability must be Top Notch
  • Market again: brag about your clients and highlight them on your media channels. That is going to attract other people that want the same results. Your clients are the heros, you are their guide. Everyone like heroes so it is your clients that should be highlighted often!

The ones who are most likely to buy PT, nutrition or other extra services are your existing clients. Any marketing and story telling you do should be directed just as much, or even more, towards them than to people outside of your gym. More about that in a following post



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