Tighten your leaks and raise your ARM

ARM – Average Revenue per Member – is a great proof that we are delivering high value to clients. A high ARM means that clients buy more of our services, like PT, Nutrition, Specialty courses, workshops etc. The very fact that they buy is proof that they trust us and our team, they know that they will get results.

So, with that in mind, how can we get a higher ARM in our business? By being the experts and tell people what they need. As coaches, we know that people struggle with nutrition, with fitness and with habits. The client also ”know” this but they DON`T know the solution, that is your job as an expert. When you ask them about their goals and when you know their WHY, then you can give them your best possible recommendation. It is your responsibility to give the best possible recommendation, how could you recommend anything else if you really care?

Any new client coming in to our gym should have a No Sweat Intro (NSI) so we CAN ask about their goals and their why. Any existing client should have regular goal reviews for the same reason. Our advice, our prescription, needs to be updated with regular intervals, every 90 days at least, because our clients goals will change if we deliver results!

If we are not doing NSIs or Goal Reviews, our business is ”leaking”. Our clients are missing out on potential results and our coaches (and our gym) is missing out on revenue.

Giving our prescription is to show them the map, the path to success. Following up, by check ins and goal reviews, is to show them we CARE.

Our clients are the heroes of our gym but every hero need a guide, you! They have struggles and problems that you can help solve. Understand that they come to you to SOLVE PROBLEMS, the value of that is higher than you think.

We cannot solve everyones problem with the same solution, that is why we need to give individual recommendations. Our clients will need to take different paths to their success. If we show everyone the same path (group training) we are doing many of them a disservice and we are also missing out on revenue.

Tighten the leaks now- make sure that everyon get a NSI and make sure that everyone get regular goal reviews.

Do this:

  • Take out your list of clients
  • How many of them do you have booked goal reviews with in your calendar? Everyone of the who has NOT got a booked Goal Review is a leak that you are causing. Tighten that leak today.

Every client should have their NEXT goal review booked when you are doing a goal review, that is part of our routine. That routine is there to simplify for both you and our clients, stick to it and deliver great experiences, everytime!



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