Client Journey

Understanding the customer’s needs

Every client experience our services in a unique way. Whether it be a 90 day process, personal training, nutrition coaching, starting Mama CrossFit or perhaps kids/teens.

We call that experience their ”Client Journey”. What we want to do is design a client journey, no matter WHAT journey, in a way that gets the client the best possible results. In order to do that, we need to be able to give them the best possible coaching, around nutrition, habits and movement. As a coach, you also need to understand the psycological aspects of a client´s journey. You need to understand what ”phase” they are in and how you can help them establish better connection to our ”tribe”.


The first phase, in any client journey, is our marketing phase and the clients awareness phase. They learn about us and that their seem to be a place that could perhaps help them with their problems. In this phase we want to establish TRUST. That is why the content we create must establish our expertice and why the stories we tell must show that other people, just like them, are getting great results here. This is OUR marketing phase. We want to ”start conversations” with potential clients. Show them who we are and what we do, show them what our gym looks like inside and what goes on here, help first by using good content.

Marketing- Awareness phase- goal is to build trust


The next phase is OUR sales phase and this is where the client is reaching out in some way. Price inquiry, asking a question on social media, booking a NSI. It is really important that we show them that they have already made the right decision. We respond ASAP to their inquiry, call them to confirm a booked NSI, answer their questions on email or social media. This is the phase where the client has accepted and understood that ”I need help” and this gym seems to be able to help me. It is very important that we show them, right from the start, that we CAN help and that we WANT to help.

We ”hold the door open” ,figuratively and literally, for them to come in to our gym. We ask them questions, try to figure out why they are here and what their goals really are. We want to know us much as possible in order to help them as much as possible, they are now looking for a guide and we step in to that role by recommending our best possible solutions to their problems

Sales-”I need their help”- goal is to confirm that we CAN help


The next phase is the phase where we actually start guiding them. We ”show them around” in our house and help them connect to our tribe. In the beginning, you as the coach might be their only point of connection, you are the guide and you are their lighthouse. You want to educate them, build relationships and start guiding them. In this phase, the client is experiencing a lot, constantly evaluating things like;

  • ”is this place really for me?”
  • ”do I fit in here?”
  • ”Can they really help me?”

We need to confirm their choice a lot. We need to SHOW them their results, literally SHOW them. We use before and after pictures, we use InBody scans, we use objective measurements like lifts and benchmark workouts. Remember, you must not only GIVE them results, you must SHOW them the results. They are looking for a feeling of belonging, they are looking for confirmation. They need to connect. In this phase, you also must help give them more than one point of connection, they need to form relationships with more than one person in the gym if we want them to connect. We use group training for many of our clients, an excellent way of creating more relationships. But if your client is NOT moving into group training, then you need to make sure that they form relationships with someone else in some other way. Introduce them to another coach that can help them with something specific, ask the CSM to reach out, put two or three of your clients together for a session and coach them in a small group. This is a phase where YOU need to DESIGN their experience to help them CONNECT. Understand that you must guide, not only their physical journey, but also their psychological journey.

When we succeed in doing all this. We bring them into our tribe, we get client results and we get them to stay forever!

  • Marketing- Create Awareness
  • Sales- Build Trust
  • Introduction/Onramp- Guide and Connect

Our client experiences are not a coincidence, we CONTROL it and we DESIGN it. That works if you understand YOUR role in their journey. We can really help people if we want to!



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