Why you should come to Coaches Congress

Today, Jim Crowell sent us a video explaining why he is coming back to Coaches Congress in 2022 after representing OPEX at Coaches Congress in 2020.
Among other things he mentioned the value of all the relationships and new friendships that started after 2020. Expanding one´s network and learning with others have always been a trademark of successful people. Not only do you get to try your own ideas on others, you also get to listen to, and learn, from others. Being openminded and curious, having a “growth mindset” can be what separates a successful businessowner from one who fails.

Owners; where do YOU want to be in 2 or 3 years? What do you want your business and your life to look like? What kind of workplace do you want to offer your staff?

Coaches; where do you want to be in 2 or 3 years? What do you want to improve on in terms of coaching skills, audience building skills or knowledge?

Coaches Congress has been around for SEVEN years now. We have given HUNDREDS of owners and coaches a place to grow and to learn. We gather people, presenters, attendees and exhibitors, from all around the world and they keep coming back. There is VALUE for you in our event!
People will be coming from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, England, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Canada, USA and they are all coming because they want to get BETTER. Are you going to stay where you are or are you going to get better too?

This might be the first time in two years, for some of us at least, that we get the chance to meet up with others. Take this opportunity to bring your team and let´s all do our best to GET BACK UP after Covid. People need our services, people need us to deliver the best possible service and to offer the best possible solution.
Make sure to book your tickets now! See you in Stockholm in January 2022


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