Stop cleaning your toilets

In one of the classical quotes of Greg Glassman he said that you can distinguish how well a gym is doing by looking how clean their toilets are.

What he meant was that if somebody is not taking care of how the gym looks like will also loose clients.
And he is 100% right. If nobody is making sure the gym is kept clean and fresh the gym will lose clients. Every new client a gym acquires will leave as fast as she came.

The reason gyms have dirty toilets or floors are not because the owners don’t care but because they are overwhelmed and overworked. They do a great job in coaching and caring about their clients but they don’t love cleaning their toilets.

I know this as well. As my gym started to grow the first thing That got neglected was the cleaning.
For a long while I thought I will try to get it done and then I hoped my coaches would help out and I got frustrated because they did not love to clean the toilets either.

After participating at Coaches Congress I came back and hired my first staff member with specifically assigned to do the cleaning.

As soon as I had a cleaner I could focus on doing the things that were more important for the gym to grow and that is what every business owner has to do. If you want to grow your business you have to replace yourself in the lower value roles so you can do things that drive more revenue to the business.

If you don’t have a cleaner you have to get one now and during that time you save from cleaning you need to get a new client or coach a client. You can hire a coach or a friend if you think they are very killed at that or pick an external cleaner, both have pros and cons. A coach or friend that sucks will maybe care more but will be harder to fire if they suck.

If you already have a cleaner you have to look at the next role in your business that can be replaced by someone better than you and we will cover that in the next weeks too.

Kind regards
Rickard Björnekärr


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