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In the last post here on Coaches Congress I wrote about that you need to stop cleaning your toilets and preferably get someone else to do it. Today I wanted to write about how to find coaches for your gym.

When we open a gym we do it because we love coaching and helping people to get results. If you are successful you will start having more clients than you can handle by yourself and most of all you must have time to sometime have a break, spend time with your family or simply develop your own coaching. But if you are constantly coaching all the time your time will be locked down.

This is where most of us gym owners start to look for hiring a coach and usually we wait too long and become desperate. Being desperate is not a good position to be in because you will hire first one who might knock on your door or you will simply hire the person you see the most in the gym. And even worse you will probably just ask him or her to jump in for a weekend and you will cut their membership.

When you start a gym or if you already have a gym you need to first change your mindset from “if you will hire a coach” to “I will need to hire a coach”. By shifting your mindset early you can now start planning on the things you would really like to see in a coach.

A beginners mistake is to thinking first about who can lift heavier than you or who has the most athletic body. Most likely your coach needs to be great at taking care of people. The coach has to care more about the athletes than their own appearance or even worse their competitions. 

For a competitive coach the main priority will always be their placing on the leaderboard and everything else will come second.

Another common mistake is that we don’t calculate the worth of coaching and how we will finance an external coach and at what degree. This is where you as a gym owner have to take 30 min and think about your schedule and see exactly how much help you need and then ask yourself what you will do during that time. Will you be able to bring new clients instead or will you just be free? 

If you have a plan you can now present and communicate this offer with potential coaches.

Because when you know what you offer you can determine who would this offer be optimal to. Now put up a brief description of your expectations and upload it on your blog.

You should start by looking from within your community and see who is happier, friendlier and more organised than you and approach that person with your offer. 

If you don’t have someone in your community you can think about approaching local education centres for interns that study sports science. And of course you can advertise to total strangers just be prepared that the vetting will take much more time and you will take a bigger risk of inviting a total stranger to your community.


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