How to get more leads

How to get more leads

The fuel of a microgym is sales and to make a sale you will need a lead, someone who has a problem that you can solve and that is interested in your business.

What many believe is that to get leads you need to do facebook or instagram marketing or that having a great following of stranger would lead to more clients. Very rarely that happens but still this is where majority of resources go.

I know this because I was guilty of all above. I did marketing adds for our free trials and it attracted a lot of strange people and rarely some really great ones. What was worse was that I got a lot of leads but I had no idea I had each week, month or year.

So basically I was a blind man chasing strangers I did not know and that would not fit my business. And to that I had no idea how many strangers I was even chasing.

What I first had to determine was who was my ideal client and how to I replicate him or her?

The answer was in front of my nose. What I needed to do was to talk to my members and simply ask them who they might know that would fit my gym.

I also had to keep track of how many I asked each month and then measure how many new members that resulted in.

My second step was to reach out to former members I knew I liked and that I could help. Same thing here I started to track how many I reached out to to see what that resulted in.

Now I could check my goals and assess how many did I need to get via online marketing to reach my goals.

Very soon I started to get more leads that I could handle and then I realised what I did not how to do was sales. This is something I will cover in an upcoming post.

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