How to make a change

Back to reality and back to life changing business. We need to keep motivation up!

It is easy to get overwhelmed when we come home from Coaches Congress. The inspiration and high we had this weekend is quickly coming down.

And I want to help you not to lose that inspiration and now get to the most important part, which is ACTION.

The way we are going to do that is not by creating the most sophisticated plan but rather make it EASY.

First take out your notes or lists of notes and I want you to circle out ONE thing you can implement without any dependence from anyone else. 

It can be “raise prices” or it can be “book a meeting with x”.

After this we want to circle in ONE thing we think is the most important thing of all to implement. It might require more people and planning but focus on getting this done before any other step is taken.

Gym owners and coaches believe they are great multitaskers but the reality is, it is stopping us to do the most important things faster.

Implementing at least one thing will have the return of invest  on the coaches congress. It is important for you. It is important for your coaches, for your members and for us.

Share your implementation with me so we can celebrate this next coaches congress.

Email it to me

Let’s go!


Ps. Thank you for everyone taking time to talk and share your experiences from Coaches Congress and the stories from all the things you learned last time and the new stuff you took with you this time. See you next year!


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