What are you changing?

It´s been a little more than a week since Coaches Congress. We all seem to agree that this year´s event was the best so far. The quality of the presentations and the workshops, the opportunity to meet with exhibitors and the chance to meet fellow owners and coaches are things that people bring up in their feedback.
My questions to you are;
• What kind of changes and improvements have you initiated?
• What are your actions points, for you as an owner of for your staff, after visiting Coaches Congress?

If you haven´t already decided or taken action;
• Were there input that really inspired you to take action but that you are hesitating on?
• Are you coming up with excuses for yourself that will prevent you from taking necessary action?
• Is this a familiar pattern for you?
Take a look at your notes again, remember what you felt when you listened to that inspiring lecture. Think about what you WANT to change or improve, what the BUSINESS needs.
Then take action!


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