Why I Am a Mentor

There are too many people giving up on themselves too early and too easily. They give up on their fitness, they give up on their career,they give up on their sports, they give up on their studies…sometimes they don´t really ”give up” but they accept status quo and believe there is nothing THEY can do about it. They seem to believe that some people ”ARE” lazy or less talented or less smart and that there is nothing to be done about it.

There are people like that running businesses as well. Some of them are microgym owners. They believe that it´s easier to run gyms in some places than in others. They believe that proven tactics and models work in some countries but not in other. They believe that some owners are ”only in it for the money” while they are in it because they have a noble cause.
They have various reasons and excuses for not being as successful as they could be, for not being profitable, fot not finding the right staff, for having spoiled members…

I am a mentor because I want to help gymowners let go of that mindset and realise their potential. I am a mentor because I want to CHALLENGE that mindset and those beliefs. In order to do so I have chosen to focus on a few things;

• Running our gyms according to proven models and data.
• Creating congregation points, like the Coaches Congress, to inspire and motivate owners and coaches
• Creating content to share tactics and models that can help others
• Working with and through organizations with larger reach than I have (Two Brain Business, CrossFit Inc etc)
• I am always trying to improve as a leader and as a coach. I read a lot and I attend a lot of meet ups and meetings.
• I offer to help when people ask questions and I learn a lot from it myself.
• I try to have an abundance mindset
• I have my own mentor!

I mentor people who have just started their gyms. I mentor people who have million dollar gyms. I mentor people who are in the Tinker Program and who are venturing into other business areas. All the time, these people are challenging themselves to learn more and to grow as leaders. And they are successful thanks to that mindset, not because they are more talented than anyone else, but because they are consistent and they ask for help.
I love working with people like that. People who are open for feedback. People who share ideas. People who share my vision and mission of changing the world´s view of fitness. People who believe that in doing so, you can also run a profitable business and lead a sustainable life.
If you are coming to one of our Coaches Congress events this year, I want to know where you get your input and who helps you with accountability.


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