Why Coaches Congress came to Berlin

2019 I went for the first time to Coaches Congress in Stockholm to see Greg Glassman, Chris Cooper, Roty McKernan et al.

I was not prepared on all the great lectures I got that weekend but it was clear to me this was something unique. The people I met and got friends with are people I now also regularly see and visit.

After a mind blowing weekend, I went home and took some big decisions that resulted in my business growing our revenue 5000-6000€ more per month thanks to the changes we did. 

My coaches have been taking big leap in their development just as I have done and this is why I have brought my team every year.

One year later (the great 2020) I knew I wanted to bring Coaches Congress to Berlin and fast forward two years (of lockdowns) we can finally make this reality.

I want other owners and coaches in Europe to be able to be able to make same leap that I did because it has changed much of everything I do. 

I see in the future that the people who came to Berlin now will be the base of microgyms that changed the industry from the grassroots and up. Fortunately we have great partners and sponsors with the same vision.

If you are considering to come to Berlin but you are not sure, I want to ask you what you are waiting for? Do you want to wait for some magic fairy to show up or are you going to take action today and take an active decision to build something better?

I’m looking forward to see you in December!

Kind regards


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