Mentorship- the best shortcut

As gymowners, we have no doubt that people who invest in our gyms will have ROI-Return On Investment.

We know that our services are that good. People who come consistently to our gyms will feel better and lead better lives.

Because they get professional guidance and coaching!


As entrepreneurs, not all of us apply that same mindset on our own growth. We keep working our assess off without even knowing if what we are doing is the most efficient way of doing it.

  • No one to guide us
  • No one to help us analyze and reflect
  • No one to show us other ways


Why is that? What are we so afraid of? Why can´t we see the value o finvesting in our leadership and in our business? (besides new equipment of course 😉 )


Just as I recommend everyone I know to start in a professional microgym, I recommend all business owners I know to find a mentor or a coach.

Because it gives you ROI.

ROI is what matters. I would happily pay even more to my mentor and my coach because that would improve my ROI even more.

My investment in myself

Six months ago, I invested in the Tinker Program that Two Brain Business offers. That investment was HUGE for me. It took some guts to press the button, trust me.

As soon as I DID that though, my focus increased. My planning got even better. My actions points narrowed down to 2-3 very specific ones that I am now working on EVERY DAY!

I am now working faster and better than before. Because I can´t allow myself to throw away that investment. And my Tinker Coach is holding me accountable and I don´t want to let her down, haha!

Your investment

What are you going to do to invest in yourself and your business this year? My advice??

  • Let Coaches Congress be your first step for your business.
  • Bring your team
  • Start reaping the benefits

I guarantee ROI from every ticket you buy for events like the Coaches Congress. Are you ready to take that next step?

See you in Berlin!



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