Finding and hiring staff

One of the biggest mistakes I have done as a gym owner is in my process of finding and hiring coaches. 

It took me about 4 years to get to a system that is good for the gym but also for the coaches.

Our first hire is usually a coach and it is usually when we are already exhausted and at a point where we simply hire out of pure desperation so we can have an evening off.

One thing I have learned is that we should be constantly “looking for people” that fit our business and regularly have conversations where we explore these options.

If we do this we can hire before it is too late and we have to handle out of desperation.

I know many gym also don’t even hire their coaches, they simply put a member who trains the most to cover some shifts and in exchange they get a membership. 

But when it then comes to paying a staff member we face our second challenge and that is what we should be paying for a staff member. More about that I will tackle in my next video.

Feel free to check this video how to find and hire new staff members.




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