Don´t wait for the crisis

In case you have even been to one of the Coaches Congress events you might have noticed that a common theme, for many of the speakers at Coaches Congress, is that we have all been through some tough situations in our lives and with our businesses?

Some really hard situations that made us all realise that we had to make some tough calls and start taking ourselves and our businesses more seriously.

When you go through really hard times, that can sometimes work as a catalyst for new actions. After all, if your family´s welfare is on the line, it really makes sense to start charging more for your services, doesn´t it?

Frustration is dangerous

There are many boxowners that feel a bit frustrated…you work too much and earn too little…that is also when you start feeling bitter, you start feeling that your members do not respect you and that they do not respect your services.

You can´t pay your coaches so it is hard to keep them for longer periods, you can´t pay yourself so you have to keep your job and have your box as a side hustle. Every now and then you miss out on family activities because you have to cover classes or you have to clean the box. Does any of this sound familiar?


Do you HAVE to wait for that crisis situation before starting to make those tough decisions? If you already know what needs to be done, what are you waiting for?

If your health, your joy, your family is on the line, how can that be less important than what your members and customers might or might not say about a rate increase or some other necessary change?

The power of guides

Let those that went before you help you, some pioneers have already made mistakes that you can learn from, there is no need for you to go through the SAME mistakes!

For me and my colleagues, one turning point was when we decided to get a mentor. Someone that helps us stay on track, someone that holds us accountable and someone who, step by step, makes sure that we are constantly taking action on what is important for us and our business.

It is HARD to make tough decisions if you are an owner, even harder if you are the single owner, that makes it even more helpful with a mentor. You need mentors and guides and you need a network of likeminded people who can support and inspire you.

Again, that is exactly why I started Coaches Congress. A place full of guides and a place full of support. Do not miss the opportunity, book your tickets for Coaches Congress Berlin today: Coaches Congress – Coaches Congress Berlin

Start taking action now my friend!






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