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This weekend I had the honour to give a small lecture/workshop at the CrossFit Affiliate gathering in Hamburg.

Many of owners are our own islands and usually never see or meet anyone that is in the same shoes as we are.

Some affiliates are doing well and some others are having more struggles. 

Some affiliates are in their first year and others are on their 15th!

It honestly surprises me that not every affiliate is coming to meet up on these events.

The value of connecting with people is very high, but connecting with THE RIGHT people is even more important.

I am sure the affiliates that met in Hamburg this weekend will become better gyms and get happier owners.

This is what makes me excited with Coaches Congress.

The gyms that come will meet with the RIGHT people  in combination with the RIGHT professionals that will provide the RIGHT tools for the gyms.

The future effect and impact from Coaches Congress will make the gyms better. The owners will be doing better and the members will see better results.

For the gyms that don’t go are not only missing out of the best opportunity to connect and upgrade their knowledge, but they are in the way of their own growth of their business. I know that myself because I used to be stubborn and thinking I could figure out everything by myself.
But I was lucky, I got out of my own way and that has grown me as an owner, coach and leader.

I look forward to see you in Berlin!


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