You should be progressing

In this text, I am going to tell you that you need to have the same approach to being a business owner as you have to your fitness. You should experience progress and here is why;

  • IF you are a microgym owner there is a big chance that you are also doing CrossFit or something similar 😊 At least there probably was a period when you were quite serious about your training?
  • IF I am right, I guess it was also important to measure progress in your training. Setting goals. Celebrating new PR´s! Enjoying new levels of fitness and taking your whole lifestyle to a different level because of that beautiful training regime that is CrossFit?

Do you have the same approach to being a business owner? Do you set long term and short-term goals? Do you measure the right metrics?

IF you do, then your situation SHOULD be getting better each year? Your business should be growing, getting more solid every year. You should have coaches who earn well and who can see a future as fitness professionals.

It is not easy running a business. If you are new in the game there will be a period of time when you really have to hustle and put in a lot of work. But after a year or so, for some owners even less, you should experience an improving lifestyle.

You should be able to spend more and more time with family and friends, you should have enough time to do your fitness.

You should have a schedule that gets more and more flexible. Unless you LOVE it, you should definitely be free from doing lower value tasks such as cleaning and admin and also, even though harder to accept, coaching and programming.

There are other roles and tasks that could and should be done by others than you but we can get back to that some other time.

The thing is;

The less time you spend working IN your business, the more time you can spend ON your business.


Many gym owners are stuck in the same place year after year because they spend too much time doing the wrong stuff. They have no one to help them set relevant prices for their services, no one to help them set systems into place that will help their business run smoothly WITHOUT the constant presence of the owner. They simply have no one to coach them.

Would you accept this from yourself as an athlete? Just “doing things” randomly without a goal or without any kind of progress measurement? If you are ok with that, and if you also are ok with that as a business owner, then this text is not for you.

If you instead, like me, want to use your business as a tool for reaching your perfect day and the lifestyle you want. If you want your business to be around for ever, as a tool for helping others, then you should get yourself a coach or a mentor to help you. The least you can do is start surrounding yourself with other owners who have been where you are.

To sum things up; as a business owner you should experience progress in certain areas. Your business should grow and evolve and your lifestyle should be improving. It that doesn´t happen, for how long do you think your business will be around?

Perhaps your first step could be to come to the next Coaches Congress with a more determined mindset.

I want you to succeed!




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