Taking Ownership In A Recession

There is no doubt we are moving into more uncertain times. You could think it´s unfair after the pandemic and all but there will always be things that are out of our control as business owners.

We know now that this is going to be a special winter with high costs of living for the majority of Europe.

How are you going to deal with that as a gymowner?

  • If the leads are starting to slow down, it would be easy to blame that on the recession…
  • If people are cancelling membership, it would be easy to blame that on the recession…
  • If people stop buying PT, it would be easy to blame that on the recession…


But before doing that, perhaps it would be a better idea to audit your social media and your website and see if you are performing as well as you should?

  • Are you posting client success stories that connects to your avatar?
    • Do you HAVE an avatar?
  • Are you posting content that helps solve problems?
    • Do you know what problems your avatar has?
  • Is your website collecting leads effectively, and are you following up on those leads?

There are many things to consider before coming to the conclusion that people have stopped buying because of a recession. But rememeber this:

There will always be enough people with money out there to give a microgym 150 members.

Before blaming a recession, perhaps it would be a good idea to audit your retention system and see if you are really doing the best you can to serve your existing clients?

Are you doing goal reviews with them to make sure they make progress in your gym?

Are you following up on inactive members so that they don´t fall off track?

Do you collect feedback from your clients to see if there is anything your coaches need to improve on?






Take ownership

It is so easy to become a victim and blame the lack of success on external factors. But, as I have shown you in this very short text, there are things we could and should do more and better before we give up. Take ownership!

There will always be things that you can control. You can always control your own behaviour and your own efforts, if your systems are good there is a high probability that you will keep succeeding even in harsh times.

Running a microgym gives you a lot of opprotunities to better deal with a recession or a pandemic. Be curious and active in learning more, reach out if you need help. Other owners and coaches are going to congregate at the Coaches Congress, use that opportunity to strengthen your own skills and your own business.

Let´s take ownership together!



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