More equipment or better leadership?

Honestly now, what do you think your coaches and your members would benefit more from in the long run;

  • You investing in your own leadership and ability to build more solid systems, giving your coaches a career and yourself a sustainable lifestyle?


  • More odd and expensive equipment like worms or jerk boxes?

I know what I would answer…I also think I know what 99% of your members would answer. They want YOU to be healthy, they want the BUSINESS to be healthy, they want the COACHES to be healthy because otherwise they would have no one, and no place, helping THEM being healthy!

It is time for you to understand this. It is also time for you to understand that there ARE models and systems that are working BETTER than others.

The last four years, I have been mentoring gym owners who have turned their businesses around 180 degrees!

  • They are NOT unique snowflakes
  • They are NOT living in areas that are unique in any way
  • They come from different countries

In different ways, they have made changes and gone through situations that have been really tough and now their business is going really well.

Do you really think they are “better” than you or that they have different members than you? The difference is that something made them take action and accepting responsibility. You have the responsibility, to yourself and your family, to your staff and to your members, to make the hard decisions.

It is easier NOT to make changes and NOT to take action. Then you can always blame things on “circumstances” when your struggling or even when your gym has to close.

  • Cheap members
  • Stubborn coowners who doesn´t understand
  • Lazy and entitled coaches
  • A landlord that charges to much rent
  • “pennywise” citizens in your city
  • (Insert other excuse) 😉

“If only” right?

Finding help

I KNOW that many gym owners are struggling and trying to get help. I know that, because they call me or to ask questions and share their frustration.

Joining a mentor program, or finding a business coach, is just like starting a gym membership, you have to WORK for your results.

Some people fail even though you mentor them, because it is also about mindset and the ability to make decisions. Just as I KNOW that almost anyone would get results from joining my gyms, I know that every gymowner would benefit from having a coach or a mentor. But my members won´t get any results if they don´t come to the gym or if they don´t listen to the experts.

The first investment of mentorship is considered a lot of money for many. Even though I know that the investment will pay itself back like a hundred times, it is hard for a gymowner with a small budget to feel convinced.

Coaches Congress-your first step

My advice, if you are on the fence, is to AT LEAST book tickets for you and your team and come to the Coaches Congress.

At the Coaches Congress you get to talk to other gymowners, other coaches, and experts from other businesses.  Where else would you go to find out the next step for you and your business if you are in the micro gym industry?

Most of the people in your gym do not need four more “Worms” or 2 new GHD´s right now. Most of them will NEVER use jerk boxes. What they will ALWAYS need is a healthy business owner, professional coaches and excellent coaching.

Please call or email me if you have questions about the Coaches Congress. I would LOVE to see you there and there are so many of us that would gladly spend time talking to you about your challenges.


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