How to package your services

What happens if someone walks into your gym looking for personal training? Do you offer PT in your gym? What happens if someone walks into your gym and asks for nutrition and PT?

Is your “solution” to peoples´ problems always “group training” or do you actually listen to their problems and their goals and make your recommendation based on that?

In an earlier blogpost I wrote about why you should have No Sweat Intros

When you offer No Sweat Intros, you give your clients the best possible help and you also increase your revenue, IF you have packaged your services well and IF you offer PT and/or nutrition.


At our gyms, we have packaged all our services on three or four different levels, like our 90 Day Journeys below.

Our 90 Day Journey is what every new member has to go through if they are aiming for group training. The first month, the smallest package they CAN pick is SILVER and then they can either upgrade or downgrade, but we KNOW that the least amount of PT sessions they get during their first 90 days are 8. By doing this we take control of the client journey, secure lots of touch points and increase revenue. Win for everyone involved.

8x 30 min PT



Goal review

4x 30 min PT



Goal review

2x 30 min PT



Goal review


This is a simplified example to illustrate what it means to offer packages. When we sit down on a No Sweat Intro we always want to offer our BEST possible solution so naturally we also have the same packages with nutrition included. The main takeaway for you here is that you should have a tiered system in your packages.

Mostly, we start by offering our best package and go down from there. There is a lot of psychology in this of course, you will always have some people who are looking for your best offer, they are not price sensitive and they will buy GOLD.

You will also have some people who are looking for your cheapest offer, they will pick BRONZE.

Most people are going to pick SILVER though, and that package will give you a much higher ARM, Average Revenue per Member, then just sending people into group training from the start.

Selling PT

The same principle applies if a client wants PT only. You show her packages with 16, 12, 8 or 4 sessions a month and let her choose. Of course, you always recommend what you think is best, according to her goals and when she wants to reach her goals.

Another important thing to think about;

  • Never discount based on volume!

Lots of gyms sell PT packages with 25, 50 or even 100 sessions. The larger the package, the cheaper every session gets. Why would you discount a premium service like that when you are always going to deliver the same expertise and the same coaching? When you package PT as monthly subscriptions, you just multiple your PT rate with the amount of sessions. You are still going to pay your coaches the same salary, you are still going to pay your fixed costs and you still want your profit so do not discount based on volume.

Helping is not salesy

Some people hesitate presenting their offers like this, they feel “salesy”. What you have to remember is that we are only offering our best solutions, we are not trying to trick anyone or anything. You tell them your best possible offer and then let the decide. If you never even show them that option, that how do you know if they want it or not?

At Coaches Congress in Berlin, I am going to talk more about this topic. You will be able to better serve your clients and your gym will be more profitable as a result.

See you there!


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