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Personal Training is a crucial element for any gym that want to deliver great service and add more revenue streams. Many gymowners struggle with selling PT, partly because they don´t know how to price it, partly because they don´t know how to find the time and space to deliver it and partly because they don´t think people are willing to pay for PT.

But, there are LOTS of people out there who want PT, who need PT, and who are willing to pay for it.

Four things you should do to start doing more PT in your gym

  1. Look over your schedule and see where you can add PT instead of group

Sometimes the value of having a group class is not very high. If you are the only one coaching, and if you had to choose between doing PT or having a group class, perhaps the former is a better idea? Do you really need all the group classes in your schedule? Is there one or two slots that are not very popular that you could take away? ”Kill it or Fill it”!

  1. Make PT a ”natural thing”

Putting it in your intake process is one way of doing that. Instead of doing group onramps, start making PT an obligatory part of your intake process. This is definitely the best way of making sure that new members get the intro they need. New members get into a culture of doing PT, which also sets a high price anchor, and old members see the benefits and results. After your intake process is done, make sure to sit down with your client and give your best recommendations based on their current status and their goals. Perhaps more PT is the best and not going into group training? Perhaps a MIX between the two is best? Make sure you have different packages and a tiered pricing system!




  1. Be direct, ask your clients what they struggle with and would like to improve on. Then deliver it one on one.

The best way of doing this is by doing goal reviews or goal setting sessions. You sit down and ask your clients if they are happy with their progress and then you find out what their next step is. If you ask them how you could help them, they often tell you that they want more PT, more nutrition guidance and so on.

  1. Read up on the Prescriptive Model

You need to understand and accept the role of being the expert. If you are comfortable in your belief that your services are great and that you know how to best help your clients, then it gets easy to say: ”based on your current status and your goals, this is what I recommend for you”

At the Coaches Congress in Berlin, I am going to talk about Client Avatars and how knowing your Avatar will help you sell more PT. People have struggles that we need to help solving, one of the best ways of doing that is to offer more personal training, I will teach owners and coaches HOW 😊




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