You need a Tribe

This weekend, we arranged the Coaches Congress in Berlin for the first time and we had a blast!

Not only did we have fantastic presentations on stage, we also had great vendors and sponsors who helped us create the best possible experience.

Gymowners from Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Canada were among the audience and among the presenters. I think we all agreed that a lot of the magic happened between lectures.

  • Lunch breaks
  • Dinner parties
  • Bar mingling
  • Walks

You need likeminded people to share your ideas and your struggles with. You need lectures to challenge your status quo and help you set more ambitious goals. You need to hear other owners or coaches say that they have been there and that there is a way forward. Everyone that came to Coaches Congress are going to do smart changes and improvements in 2023 and they will have more profitable business thanks to that.

We are building a TRIBE! We are creating a network for you and with you. You are free to join us and take the next step in your coaching or entrepreneurial journey. Don´t miss out, come and join our next event in Stockholm, 28-30 April 2023

  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Affilliate Meet Up
  • Mingling
  • Dinner Party

see you in April!



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