Getting value from events like Coaches Congress

When arranging an event like the Coaches Congress, I always try to reach out to other gymowners and tell them I want them to come.

Of course I am biased, after all it is my event 🙂 But I am proud of being able to honestly say that Coaches Congress WILL give attendants return on investment.

Here are some, but not all, examples:


There will always be something to take away from a presentation. I like to see them as conversation starters. Something to reflect upon or discuss during the breaks. Something to remind you about things you need to change or improve in your business. Meeting experts and role models in real life gives you a unique opportunity to ask your questions and to build a relationship. If you are ready for it, presentations will help you grow.


A great opportunity to dive deeper into coaching skills and learn from an expert. Whether it is about coaching youth, coaching kettlebell, weightlifting or gymnastics, these are great opportunities to give your coaches more confidence. Your members are going to notice this and get more value from your gym.

As an owner, there is nothing better than seeing your team with newfound energy and motivation, am I right? Give them opportunities to learn and to be inspired and you will be rewarded.

Break, lunches & dinner parties

This is where “the magic happens”! When you get to spend time with other owners and coaches you learn that your challenges are not unique. There is a lot of vulnerability in sharing and that is very helpful. We get a LOT of feedback on the importance of all the social events and the networking.

People make new friends. People build a support network. People get new ideas. People have FUN!


If you do just ONE change after attending Coaches Congress, let´s say you start pushing more content to sell PT, that is going to increase your revenue month after month after month. All of a sudden you have also given someone in your team the opportunity to make a living in the fitness industry…The money you invested in bringing your team to Coaches Congress will be paid back after just a couple of months.

How do you value giving your team a weekend of FUN?
How do you value getting new friends?

Make an effort this year, get yourself and your team to the Coaches Congress. You are not going to regret it



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