Opportunity Cost

Of course you can afford doing it. Can you actually afford the cost of NOT doing it?

What I am talking about? I am talking about going to the Coaches Congress of course šŸ˜‰

Investment or Cost?

As an owner of a business, itĀ“s important that you learn the difference between an investment and a cost. An INVESTMENT is money you spend now to get MORE money back later. A cost is money you spend without any expected return on investment.

Investments in a business could be:


  • Better website= gives you better traffic and therefore more leads= more sales= more money
  • Hiring staff= gives you more revenue if they are doing PT or nutrition coaching. Gives you freedom of time if they are doing admin or cleaning.
  • New knowledge and input= if you do it right you convert that new knowledge and input into better communication, better sales, better coaching, better leadership

Coaches Congress

Coaches Congress falls under the last category. The return on investment is there for you. You just have to be prepared to act on the new knowledge and input. There will be so many opportunities for you and acting on just ONE of them will give you ROI.

  • Learn how to get more PT-clients
  • Learn how to train and retain staff
  • Learn how to do better marketing on social media
  • Learn how to keep clients longer
  • Learn how to raise rates
  • Learn how to delegate and free up your time

The same goes for coaches coming to the Coaches Congress. They need to learn more about these things too. In microgyms, there need to be more people involved, in more things than just group coaching.

Do the Work

Running a gym is NOT rocket science, but you need to be prepared to do the work.

Have you thought about the ā€opportunity costā€ of not going? The opportunity cost is all the money that you COULD make from learning new things but that you WILL NOT make because you chose not to comeā€¦

ItĀ“s like when people choose not to start your gym because ā€itĀ“s too expensiveā€. They might think they save money now but the opportunity cost is that they stay unfit, might be less effective at work, might have to visit a doctor, might have more days sick and away from work, might have less self comfidenceā€¦

The opportunity of not working out is massive and we all understand that, but do you understand, and are you ready to accept the opportunity cost of never going anywhere to get new input that will challenge, motivate and help you?

DonĀ“t do this to yourself and your business. If you are hesitating and unsure about being able to afford Coaches Congress, for yourself and your team, letĀ“s chat and come up with a plan.



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