Prejudices are stopping your growth

As one of the organizers of Coaches Congress , and as a very active contributor in the Scandinavian and European CrossFit community, I have heard my fair share of prejudices. Prejudices that people express about the industry, about running a business, about other gyms in town…

About cultural differences, about selling, about my reasons to do the Coaches Congress, about Two Brain Business, about CrossFit-gyms, about non CrossFit-gyms, about ”being to business minded”.

Prejudices stop growth

Prejudices are a threat to you and to your business. They are stopping you from growing as a leader and they are stopping your business from being successful.

We, as human beings, use prejudices to avoid doing the hard things. It´s easier to come up with excuses than accepting the fact that we need to do things differently

It´s easier to say:

”That works in the USA but it´s different in Europe”

than it is to accept that we could and should to things differently

It´s easier to say:

”I am not so sure about that Two Brain Business thing”

than it is to accept that Two Brain Business is actually conducting one of the biggest data collections in the fitness industry every year and that there is no ”Two Brain Business Thing” except spreading best practices that actually help Two Brain gyms be more profitable and more successful than other gyms. (check out the State Of The Fitness Industry)

It´s easier to say:

People in my town are to cheap to buy personal training

than it is to accept that you need to communicate better on social media and create better processes for selling PT.

It´s easier to say;

”They are just doing the Coaches Congress to make money

than it is to accept that you and your team need to put yourselves in situations where you get challenged and inspired by new input and that the Coaches Congress is exactly the place for it.

Let´s face it:

There are european gyms, north american gyms and asian gyms using the exact same processes successfully.

There are small town gym owners, in different countries, selling a lot of PT and group training at high rates. There are big city gyms selling the same services way to cheap…

There are CrossFit Gyms doing fitness in a very unprofessional way. There are non CrossFit gyms doing fitness in a very professional way.

Not all Two Brain gyms do things exactly the same way, but they do a lot of things very similar simply because it works

It´s okay to make a lot of money as a business owner or as an event organizer. If you give value to your clients you DESERVE being paid really well.

Other gymowners are not smarter than you, their coaches are not naturally better or more mature than yours and their members are not less cheap than yours. If they are ahead it´s because they have been more systematic and because they have a strategy over time. We get the business we deserve. We get the team we deserve. We get the members we deserve.

We are doing ourselves a disservice if we let prejudices govern our acts and thoughts. Be open minded and try to have a beginner´s mindset and you will be a better leader for it. Base your decisions more on data and facts than on opinion and feeling.

If you want to be left alone, stay in your bubble and keep hustling. If you are ready for growth, come to the Coaches Congress or reach out to me. Let´s chat 😊





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