You have to ask for it

As a businessowner, you can´t hesitate to ask people for their money 😊 You have to tell them to spend their money on your services, who else is going to do it?

When we do Coaches Congress, we sometimes have exhibitors and sponsors asking us how we are going to help them market if they decide to become sponsors or exhibitors. My answer is;

”you have to do the marketing, you know your product best, we provide the platform and the audience”

Who Else?

Who else is better suited then them to tell gymowners and coaches how they would benefit from doing business with them?

The same goes for your gym and your services. You have to tell people how they would benefit from doing business with you. You have to tell them, and tell them often, what you are doing to solve their problems. Who else is better suited, than you and your staff, to do that?


We have to take ownerships and work harder to market and sell our product. We can´t just ”build it and they will come”

If I am an exhibitor at an event, I need to have a strategy for how to attract people to our stand. No one else can take responsibility for that. How can you communicate in advance to create curiosity for your services/your product? When they come to your stand, are you actually asking them to do business with you?

If I am a gymowner, I need to have a strategy for how to connect and relate with people.

  • Show them that you understand their painpoints
  • Show them that you have a plan and a solution for them
  • Tell them that they need to sign up and get started, actually ask them for their money 😊

The Strategy

HOW you do all this is what we talk about in mentorship or at events such as Coaches Congress. When you sit there and try to solve all of this on your own, that is when you get paralyzed and nothing happens. No wonder you start thinking that it´s not possible.

But it IS possible!

You can and should actually start asking people for more of their time and money.

You can attract the right people with better marketing and communication. There are gymowners doing just that everyday. You need someone to push and to help you.

Book your tickets for the Coaches Congress today and let´s get to work!


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