Coaching your coaches

I have been in many conversations about staff lately. There is a lot of talks and questions about GMs for instance.

How to pay GMs, how to set up their roles and tasks, whether to use a bonus structure or not, are they doing admin stuff only or should they be coaching? Etc…

There is one thing that we need to talk more about though, and that is how much time YOU give your key players? Are YOU coaching them enough to help them succeed in their roles? It doesn´t matter what roles and tasks you give them, and how good your SOPs are, if you are not also coaching them to succeed

I believe that the more strategic and the more important role a person has in your business, the more coaching they need from you. It also makes sense to me to spend time and effort on staff members that wants more than just group coaching.


I ”mentor” staff members as soon as they step into roles such as PT, nutrition coaching, CSM or team lead for different revenue streams. They are my biggest leverage.

I say ”mentor them” because I am basically doing the same thing with them as I am doing with my mentees in this group. We talk about bright spots, we talk about struggles and we define action points. I help them write 90 Day Plans and I have them report metrics to me.

This is my way of showing them that I care, it´s my way of holding them accountable and it´s my way of making sure they are doing their work according to SOPs and agreements.

This way, I can also see who could possibly be ready to step into another role, if we need it. We have built two of our coaches so well that they are now involved in sales, csm and client journey, lead nurturing, PT, nutrition, our physio center, they do most of our social media, they run their own podcast, they can sell by chat…if and when we need it, one of them could easily become a GM but if we find a great admin person, we don´t really need a GM.

Patience is key

It has taken time to get them to where they are now. Other coaches have tried and failed during this time so it´s also a vetting process.

My point is, I have given them a lot of my time and knowledge. They are tried and tested. I still give them as much time they need, there is a lot of ROI in that for our gym.

Some owners are worried of spending to much time and effort on a coach because they might become so successful they leave and start their own gym. Some owners avoid spending time on staff members because they don´t really know what to do and say.

No matter what your excuse or reason is, you need to coach your staff more my friend.

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